Consumer attitudes to Halal meat and purchasing patterns in the UK

The Council For European Halal Consumers is conducting one of the largest Halal Survey ever in the UK.
The Council for European Halal Consumers is probably the only voluntary not for profit organisation working for the benefit of halal consumers and undoubtedly the sole primary source for information and guidance on the rights of halal consumers in UK and mainland Europe.

According to Citizen Advice Bureau, UK consumers spend around £90 billion a month making Halal spent to be around £22.5 billion, and in such economic environment transparent rights of the Halal Consumers will help them to make informed and halal choices, when they make purchases as well as secure eternal rewards for following Islamic principles. The CFEHC aims to promote through Education, training workshops, create a better understanding of Halal to both muslims and the wider community. working for the betterment of halal consumers and the industry. Please Help us by taking part in this survey Many Thanks